7 Tips to Become More Mindful

When your thoughts are all jumbled between your work, personal life, and everything else, take a couple steps back and follow these simple steps to take back ownership of your mind!

Mindful Tip 1: Clear the Clutter
Clear your space, and your thoughts just might clear up too!

Mindful Tip 2: Write It Out
Writing out your thoughts feels like taking a giant folder out of your mind and dropping it into the trash bin. Satisfying.

Mindful Tip 3: Step Outside
Nature’s beauty has a way of calming the crazy buzz that plagues many minds.

Mindful Tip 4: Work Backwards
Visualize the end goal and work backwards from there. The path will become clearer, and so will your mind.

Mindful Tip 5: Do What You Gotta Do
Just start working through the tasks you have to complete. Clearing your to-do list makes room for what matters.

Mindful Tip 6: Brew Some Loose Tea
Pleasant aromas, beautiful unfurling leaves, and amazing health benefits make brewing loose leaf a calming act that will bring you back to the moment.

Mindful Tip 7: Stop Piling On Obligations
Sometimes it’s alright to say no to more when your mind is already packed with obligations! Let it go, and stick with what you can handle.

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