A Teapot for You

Tea Accessories - Choosing the Right Teapot

So what is a teapot, exactly? Well, we’ll tell you. A teapot is the traditional tool used for infusing tea leaves into water to brew tea, not to be confused with its friend, the tea kettle, which is used for heating up water, not infusion.

Ready to throw a tea party? Lets get started!

Ceramic –These teapots have a nice, traditional look and are great for heat retention, but be sure to get one with a glazed interior so that the teapot doesn’t absorb the flavors. Otherwise you may only be able to brew one type of tea in the pot.

Glass – Glass teapots are a crowd pleaser because they allow you to see the tea leaves expanding and brewing through the glass. However, these don’t hold heat as well so they work best for teas that brew at a lower temperature, like green and white teas.

Porcelain – Porcelain teapots have a classic feel like their ceramic counterparts, but like glass do not retain heat as well, so its best not to use these for black or herbal teas, which require a higher brewing temperature.

Cast Iron – These heavy-duty teapots have a cool look, and they’re great for keeping your tea warm for extended periods of time. So if you’re planning on making black tea, this teapot is a great option. Cast iron teapots are great for black and herbal teas.

There’s a ton of different teapots to choose from, so pick the one thats right for you and you’ll be tea-party ready in no time!

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  • Sally Peponakis

    Interested in buying a Tiesta Tea pot ( the one that sits on top of a cup) and tea fall into cup.
    Do you sell them or where can I get them??


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