What Is Tiesta Tea

Rediscovering the World of Tea

What's A Tiesta

The Tiesta Experience helps you celebrate, discover and enjoy life through the many benefits of loose tea. Just as fiestas and siestas are experiences integral to a well-rounded life, the Tiesta Experience will keep your body in balance. It’s an experience that can be had at any time of day; morning, noon, or night. It can help you when you’re sick, tired, stressed, dieting, bored, or just looking to get another fix of that healthy habit. As we like to say here at Tiesta Tea: once you get loose, you’ll never go bagged!

How Tiesta Tea Came To Be
  • Loose Tea Adventure

    An Adventure Abroad

    It all started when childhood friends Dan & Patrick discovered their love for loose tea while exploring Prague during a study abroad trip.

  • Tiesta Tea Friends

    Help From Our Friends

    Then came dorm rooms full of tea. Eager friends helping run the farmer’s market booth and bagging tea orders until the wee hours of the morning in exchange for some pizza and beer.

  • Helping Hands

    The Power of People

    Our friends, families, mentors, and universities are the reason Tiesta Tea exists today. We have created products that are built on this same foundation. As Abe Lincoln once said: By the people, for the people.

Why Loose Tea?


Does it really matter to you which farm in China produces the best green tea in February or how to correctly pronounce rooibos? (it’s ROY-bos, if you care.) That’s our job to do, not yours. We believe what matters is what your tea tastes like and what it’s going to do for you. We take care of the nitty gritty details to find you the best tea out there. That way, you don’t have to worry about this year’s tea harvest. All you have to do is pick the flavor and function that fits YOU.


Should quality loose tea seriously cost $15 for 2 ounces? We don’t think so. Fancy tea shops have set the standard of high prices that drive the average person away from loose tea. Used to drinking bagged tea? In most cases, a cup of our tea will be cheaper than your run-of-the-mill tea bag. No bag, no tag, no individual paper wrapping, just tea. We believe in introducing and sharing the loose lifestyle with anyone and everyone, no matter what your budget is.


Why should you have to go to a crowded mall or distant tea shop to get loose tea? We don’t think that’s right. This is why we partner with grocery stores, cafes, offices, and retail stores that you already shop at all the time! We believe buying quality loose tea should be as easy as picking up your weekly supply of milk and eggs.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Tiesta Tea

Our Mission

To create understandable, affordable, and accessible quality loose-leaf tea blends by using natural fruits, herbs and spices that enhance the flavor and function of tea.

What do we believe in?

We believe in the power of loose tea, but more importantly, the power of people. We deeply care all the people we work with and work for. We want nothing more than to empower our people to be the best people they can be. We believe in providing our people with something that will improve their quality of life. We believe in working hard for our people. We believe in learning from our people. Most of all, we believe in always providing our people with a product that is nothing less than our best. Because after all, you are our people.