Need your caffeine? Don’t worry, this will be quick and you’ll have your cup of tea in no time! Grab your favorite black tea blend and lets get started.

Turn up the Heat – Black tea requires a higher steeping temperature than white and green teas so heat your water up to a toasty 195°F.

Scoop up Some Energy – Measure out 1.5 tsp for your 8oz. of tea and get ready to infuse!

Patience, My Friend – Let your black tea steep for 3-5 min. Keep your eyes open, you’re almost there!

Ding! – We’ll spare you from reliving the trauma that was your alarm waking you up this morning and quietly let you know that your tea is ready to serve. Now go out there and take on the day!

Aside from Caffeine, tea contains 3 natural stimulants that do much more than wake you up. These 3 stimulants improve respiratory and circulatory functions that increase mental clarity and longevity, which provides a much better result than just tricking your sensory nerves into thinking you’re not tired (basically what caffeine does on its own).

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Every Cup of loose leaf includes some MAJOR benefits:

Keeping Skin Young
Drink tea to protect yourself from sun damage! Santosh Katiyar, an associate professor of dermatology, found that the antioxidant also known as epigallocatechin-3-, found in most teas, can protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Who knew??

No More Bad Breath
Show off those pearly whites with pride! A report issued by the UK Tea Council in 2006 stated that the fluoride content of tea makes it a potent defender of oral health.

Live Longer
Time and time again, tea has proven to have remarkable effects on lowering the risk of diabetes, strokes and especially heart disease. A study conducted in Netherlands revealed after 5 years volunteers who drank 375ml of black tea per day had a 43% reduction in the risk of having a heart attack and a 70% reduced risk of having a fatal attack.