Rooibos to the rescue! Regardless of if you can pronounce it correctly (no one really can), rooibos tea fights for you against those pesky allergens, viruses and achy muscles. It’s so helpful, we’re creating a petition to change the saying to, “A Rooibos a day, keeps the doctor away!”

Anti – Allergic:
One sneeze and you get, “Gazuntite”. Two or more sneezes and you get, “Alright, that’s enough”. If allergies punch you in the face while trying to enjoy nature, send them reeling with Rooibos. Rooibos helps your body produce more enzymes that metabolize allergens. It also contains two flavonoids that help combat your body’s natural reaction to allergens.

Polyphenols in Rooibos tea fight off free radicals while it’s antioxidants help boost your immune system making your body a fortress against various viral infections and diseases.

Nutrients found in Rooibos are on your team to keep your blood circulation going smoothly and polyphenols are there to reduce inflammation. Not only is that good for achy joints, but it also makes Rooibos tea one heck of a workout recovery drink!

Feel free to sign that petition now.

roo·i·bos (roy – bus) noun – a red tea with amazing benefits

A key ingredient in some of our Immunity and Relaxer teas, Rooibos has some pretty cool benefits. Not to mention its delicious.

Rally the Troops – Rooibos tea has loads of flavonoids, a class of antioxidants that may reduce the risk of cancer. That brings a whole new meaning to drinking to your health!

Get Your Blood Pumping – Rooibos wants to help our your heart by lowering the risk of heart disease, lowering bad cholesterol, and keeping blood pressure down. I heart rooibos!

Time to Filter – Had one too many margaritas? Rooibos is linked to helping tissue regeneration in the liver – just don’t use that as an excuse to overdo it!

Breathe Easy – Rooibos has been used to treat respiratory illness, so drink up and breathe it in!

Let that Steep – Stay sharp by drinking rooibos. Studies show this tea may help with age-related brain deterioration.

Skeleton’s Spinach – Like maté is for muscles, Rooibos, which contains calcium, fluoride and manganese is good for bones and teeth.

So jump on the rooibos bus and try some tea!