Sexy Hot Christmas Tea + Fireside Spice + Naughty or Anise + Cocoa Mocha Holiday Tea Recipes

‘Teas the season for warming up by an open fire, spending precious time with friends & loved ones, and, of course, drinking tea! This year, we have taken four of our holiday favorites and added just a little something extra to each to help kick off the holiday festivities.

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Need your caffeine? Don’t worry, this will be quick and you’ll have your cup of tea in no time! Grab your favorite black tea blend and lets get started.

Turn up the Heat – Black tea requires a higher steeping temperature than white and green teas so heat your water up to a toasty 195°F.

Scoop up Some Energy – Measure out 1.5 tsp for your 8oz. of tea and get ready to infuse!

Patience, My Friend – Let your black tea steep for 3-5 min. Keep your eyes open, you’re almost there!

Ding! – We’ll spare you from reliving the trauma that was your alarm waking you up this morning and quietly let you know that your tea is ready to serve. Now go out there and take on the day!

Green tea has loads of health benefits, and is slimming, nonetheless. Brew your Fruity Pebbles (or the green blend or your choice) right for the very best flavor.

Just like we’re picky about the ingredients that go into our blends, green tea is picky about the way it is brewed, so here’s a quick how-to:

Some Like it Hot – Green tea? Not so much. These blends are best brewed at about 180o F. What? You can’t tell water’s temperature just by looking at it? Toss an ice cube into your boiling water to bring that temperature down and brew your tea right.

Need a Babysitter? – Probably not, but green tea likes attention. It brews quickly, just 1-3 minutes. Give it too much attention however, aka letting it brew past 3 minutes, and it gets bitter. Treat green tea like an angsty teen, keep an eye out, but don’t be a helicopter parent.

Take Home the Trophy – Hey, look at that! You’ve made Green tea! Enjoy it, and reap the rewards of a job well done.

To ensure that you preserve the taste and health benefits of loose leaf tea, make sure you store them properly. Here are a few ways to store your favorite loose leaf tea:

A high quality container: The best container for loose leaf tea is made of metal, ceramic, or wood and air-tight. (Like our award-winning Tiesta Tea tins!)

Avoid heat and direct sunlight. Heat sources (e.g. near the stove) and sunlight will increase the temperature inside the container, which in turns cause moisture issues.

Don’t store loose leaf tea in the refrigerator. The change in temperature can cause moisture to seep into your tea container. You wouldn’t want soggy tea leaves, would you?

Is it hot out there? Cool down on those humid summer days with tea flavored ice pops – a healthy throwback to your childhood, and a tasty way to beat the heat.They’re as easy to make as one, two, freeze!

Dealer’s Choice – Make your ice pops your way with your favorite tea blend. Choose one with fruity notes to relive your younger summers.

Double Shot – Brew tea for ice pops like you would ice tea – with twice the amount of tea leaves for a stronger flavor. Heat up your water and brew enough servings to fill your desired ice pop molds.

Swee-tea – Want more of a dessert flavor? Add a little honey or agave to sweeten, or lemon juice for a citrusy burst. Otherwise, let the tea take center stage and prepare for frozen goodness.

Freeze! – Well this is pretty self explanatory… just uh… put those ice molds in your freezer, or your neighbors freezer, whichever you prefer. If it is the latter though, we recommend you share.


There’s no doubt a cup of loose leaf tea is amazing all by itself. But some days when you’re feeling a little creative/zaney/spicy, you just gotta play around with your tea! Here are a couple fun ways to change things up:

Mix multiple teas together
Two teas can be double the fun when you try them together. Brew your teas in the same cup for a funky new flavor!

Coconut Oil
Mix in a tablespoon of coconut oil to your hot tea. Coconut oil is great for your metabolism, AND it gives the tea a smooth texture that feels great on the throat.

Tea Latte
Transform your tea into a creamy, sweet treat by adding a splash of almond milk and a dash of sugar or a packet of stevia!

Alright, so you’ve probably heard all about some of the benefits of loose leaf tea, but you’re probably wondering if there’s a real difference between loose leaf and bagged teas. We’re breaking it down for you, once and for all. Lets go.

Let’s Start at the Beginning – Even before they’re packaged and sent to your favorite tea retailer, loose and bagged teas are processed differently. Loose tea leaves remain whole after oxidation, while bag-bound tea leaves are ground down into fannings for easy packaging and distribution.

How about taste? – Loose leaf teas keep the leaves intact, which means a fuller flavor in your cup. While you’ll get some flavor out of bagged teas, it won’t be the same experience. Additionally, loose leaf teas offer a greater variety of flavors because the ingredients don’t have to be able to fit in a convenient-to-package tea bag.

Form = Function – Tea offers quite a bit of health benefits, but these are lost more quickly over in bagged teas. The cut tear curl process increases the surface area of the leaves, which allows for nutrients to be lost. Loose leaf tea holds in these properties until steeped, so you’re getting the most out of your cup.

Because tea gets a gold star for it’s health benefits, let’s compare tea to gold. Which would you rather have, gold in its whole form, or gold dust. Sure the dust might be easier to transport, but you’ll have to watch out for wind that might blow it away. The same goes for tea. Loose leaf might take an extra step, but you’ll definitely reap the rewards.

When your thoughts are all jumbled between your work, personal life, and everything else, take a couple steps back and follow these simple steps to take back ownership of your mind!

Mindful Tip 1: Clear the Clutter
Clear your space, and your thoughts just might clear up too!

Mindful Tip 2: Write It Out
Writing out your thoughts feels like taking a giant folder out of your mind and dropping it into the trash bin. Satisfying.

Mindful Tip 3: Step Outside
Nature’s beauty has a way of calming the crazy buzz that plagues many minds.

Mindful Tip 4: Work Backwards
Visualize the end goal and work backwards from there. The path will become clearer, and so will your mind.

Mindful Tip 5: Do What You Gotta Do
Just start working through the tasks you have to complete. Clearing your to-do list makes room for what matters.

Mindful Tip 6: Brew Some Loose Tea
Pleasant aromas, beautiful unfurling leaves, and amazing health benefits make brewing loose leaf a calming act that will bring you back to the moment.

Mindful Tip 7: Stop Piling On Obligations
Sometimes it’s alright to say no to more when your mind is already packed with obligations! Let it go, and stick with what you can handle.