We encourage singing here at Tiesta Tea. Singing in the shower, at your desk, in the car – everywhere! So go ahead and start belting out “Forever Young” while you brew up a cup of white tea. You’ll see why in a minute.

Attack your risk of heart attack:
Polyphenols are antioxidant powerhouses found abundantly in white and green teas. These guys keep your blood vessels flexible and combat clotting so that you can strengthen your shield against heart attacks.

Decrease your chances of developing diabetes:
Oxidative damage is often caused by high-fat diets, lack of physical exercise and high blood sugar. Again, call in the polyphenol troop! Polyphenols in green and white tea counteract oxidative damage and fight off free radicals that instigate diseases like diabetes.

Sucker Punch Your Risk of Stroke:
Catechins found in white and green teas have a crazy ability to cross the blood-brain barrier easier than other antioxidants. Their antioxidant strength allows them to fend off inflammation, reduce risk of neurodegenerative diseases and prevent cognitive decline. With these super powers, you can stand up against your risk of stroke.

So in your shower, office or car, you’ll can sing for eternity!

One cup just wasn’t enough? Lucky for you, loose leaf tea blends can produce more than one cup of tea! Unlike the bagged varieties, whole leaves hold more flavor and nutrients, allowing you to re-steep your tea for another round.

Each type of tea produces a different result, and it’s best to re-steep these three blends:

Need some sugar? Not with white teas! They become sweeter with each re-steep.

Go Green! Green tea’s complexity is enhanced when re-steeped, how eco-friendly of it.

Ooh tasty! Oolong teas reveal more flavor with every steep.

Not only does re-steeping tea give you more bang for your buck, it also brings out more flavors and nutrients, which means your tea tastes better and is better for you. So don’t let those tasty antioxidants go to waste. Brew up another cup!