Cocoa Chili Pumpkin Pancakes


Our Cocoa Chili Pumpkin Breakfast

Breakfast just got a lot more interesting this October! Using our brewed Cocoa Chili Pumpkin tea in pancake batter will give those fluffy clouds of delight a subtle sweet & spicy taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Just use our brewed Cocoa Chili Pumpkin tea instead of water, mix it up with the standard pancake batter ingredients and then start pouring the batter onto a griddle. You know those “just add water” mixes? Nope! Just add tea! In no time you will have golden brown pancakes ready for those crisp autumn mornings!





Cocoa Chili Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe: 1


Don’t forget to top them with your favorite syrup, or maybe something even sweeter: pumpkin ice cream!


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