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8 Iced Tea Sampler

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Who says loose leaf tea can only be enjoyed hot? Loose leaf teas are fantastic iced too. Try our Iced Tea Flight sample box and see for yourself. We've chosen crowd favorite blends to pour over ice. With a variety of caffeinated and caffeine free teas, you can get your chill on all day. 

How to brew iced tea with loose leaf tea: 

  1. Use 1 Tbsp loose leaf tea per 8oz water
  2. Steep in hot water (time and temperature based on tea type)
  3. Pour brewed hot tea over ice. Cheers!

    INGREDIENTS: Black Thai Tropical Sample, Pineapple Blues Sample, Blueberry Wild Child Sample, Citrus Detox Sample, Fireberry Sample, Maui Mango Sample, Mango Dreamzzz Sample, Palm Beach Punch Sample,


Special Instructions for Tiesta Tea

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