Frequently Asked Questions: You Asked The Big Questions, We Answered 'Em!

Tiesta Values

A: Good question! Our tea is sourced from all over the world.  We have green teas from China and Japan, black tea from India, rooibos from South Africa, dried fruits from the US. It all depends on which tea you’re drinking. If you would like to know the details of a specific tea’s origins, shoot us an email at

A: Your properly stored Tiesta Tea blend will stay fresh and hold its flavor and health benefits for about a year. Make sure to keep your tea stored in a room-temperature, dry environment that isn’t exposed to much light. Moisture and heat may be tea’s best friend while steeping, but it is its worst enemy while storing, so keep those tins and bags away from water, heat, or humidity.

A: Absolutely! Just pop out the plastic windows on the tin as well as the plastic ring on the inside of the lid and toss those in the trash. Et voila!  Your tin can now be recycled. If you prefer to reuse instead of recycle, you can also use your tin to hold useful items around your home. We at the office use them as makeshift pen holders!

Health Guru Corner

A: You better believe it! No wheat (or wheat derivatives), rye, barley, triticale, malt, yeast, or wheat starch were harmed in the blending of your teas.

A: At this time, we do not have any certified organic teas, but we’re working on it! We have a blend that is grown organically and we are going through the ever-tedious process of getting it certified. This also means that our warehouse has to undergo an organic certification process as well, so look out for this change by the end of 2016/early 2017!

A: No, please don’t go! We do care about what we put into your bodies and ours as well. We currently use something called nature-identical flavoring, which is flavoring that is identical in molecular structure to the fruit it imitates. However, the FDA still labels this as artificial flavoring.

We believe this to be the healthiest, yet best-tasting option for our customers, but we understand that the artificial flavoring label makes people nervous, so we are currently working with our suppliers to change most of the the flavoring in our teas from artificial to natural flavoring without losing the delicious flavors we all love. Most of our teas have already made the switch, but there are still a few that need some tweaking so stay tuned for the debut of your favorite tea blend flavored naturally!

A: Unfortunately, any number we can provide you with is an estimate. Tea does not provide at least 5% of any major nutritional category, so the FDA does not require the same kind of nutritional labels as most foods and beverages.

Keeping that in mind, as a general rule, our candied fruit-heavy teas weigh in at about 3-5 calories (just under 1 carb, under 1 gram of sugar) per serving, chocolate teas are likely around 5-7 (1-2 carbs, 1 gram of sugar), and teas with dried fruits and no candied ingredients are usually placed at 0 calories, and a very minuscule amount of sugar from the fruit.

A: Unfortunately, we’re not experts when it comes to what herbs/teas/foods you should avoid while pregnant. You’ll want to consult your doctor about that. In fact, as a general rule it is best to err on the side of caution and speak with your doctor before introducing any new food, herb, or beverage into your diet. Keeping that in mind, here is a general list of herbal tea types you’ll want to avoid during your pregnancy:

So You’re Ready to Place an Order?

A: The best things in life are free, especially when it comes to tea. Every Tiesta Tea order comes with a free sample packet of a tea blend of your choice (yes, your favorite tea blends come in miniature sizes, and yes, they are just as adorable as you’re imagining them to be). You can pick any tea you want. Just let us know which one your heart desires by selecting a sample from the drop down menu at checkout. It’s our little way of saying thank you for being a part of our Tiesta Tea family!

A: When in doubt, leave it to Joe, our warehouse dude and sample chooser extraordinaire. You’ll want to select “Surprise Me!” in the drop down. Then, in the comment box at checkout, just let us know if you’re obsessed with fruity teas, if you like your tea highly caffeinated, if you’re the strong and silent brew type or if you prefer your brews soft and sweet. Other options include: what your favorite color is, your go-to beverage, what the weather’s been like, literally anything. From there, Joe will personally pick a sample based on your comments. Yep, It’s that easy.

A: Not feeling very chatty? That’s okay, too. If you leave the comment box empty, Joe will just pick a sample based on the flavor profile of your order. But you should probably do it the fun way.

Snail Mail Details

A: Currently we only ship to the US & Canada via USPS. This may change in the future, but for now it is the cheapest and most efficient option for both us and you.

A: Don’t worry, we provide you a tracking number with every order so you can follow your tea via USPS’s website.

A: Of course! Give us a call at (312) 202-6800, select 0, and Taylor ( will walk you through an over the phone order. She’s the coolest and most interesting person in the entire world, and definitely not the same person who wrote this FAQ. ;)

A: Our goal is to have every online order ready to ship within the 24-48 hours after it is placed. Our ship days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and usually they go out in the morning. That means if you order on Monday afternoon, your tea will ship out on Wednesday morning. Ship times may vary during holidays.

Getting in Touch with the Tiesta Team

A: Tiesta Tea believes that giving back to the community is one of the most important things a successful company can do. After all, we would never be where we are today without a little help from our friends. All charitable donation requests should go through our marketing and social media expert, Ashley (, who will assess if our business and your charity are a good fit together.

A: We’re a close knit crew with a passion for affordable and accessible tea for the masses, and we like having fun while being the best in the game. If you think you would make a good addition to our company, reach out to our girl Ashley ( and she will let you know if there are any openings you may be qualified for. We are always looking to grow our Brand Ambassador team as well, so if you’re a highly motivated and friendly individual and would like to help us with our plans of world tea domination, reach out and let her know!