Get Brewin’

Sit and steep your tea our take it on the go

It’s easy to get brewin’ with our handy-dandy accessories. Sit and steep or scoop and move. The choice is yours.

Sit and Steep:
If you’re like us in the office, we sit and steep all day at our desks. Want to be like us cool kids? Just grab a brewmaster, scoop a tablespoon of your tea into it, pour in your properly heated water and let it steep! You know the drill for steeping times & temps. If it has slipped your mind, check out your tin or pouch. We’ve put a reminder on the back for you. We got your back.

Scoop and Move:
If you’re more of the always-on-the-go type of person, we got you covered. Simply scoop your favorite tea into one of our lovely tea filters. Enter Vanna White moment with our filters here. Scoop size? 1.5 teaspoons per cup of hot water. Then just fold the filter over, place in your mug of hot water and head out the door. The filter seals itself when it gets wet – isn’t that nifty!

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