Get Nutty This Weekend!

Relax With A Rum and Tea Cocktail

With a Nutty Almond Rumble!
A light nutty and creamy rum flavor paired with a slightly sweet lemon and hints of apple; this delicious and good-for-you cocktail is a relaxing wind down yet refreshing. It will certainly make you will forget you’re drinking rum and is perfect for a Relaxing Labor Day!

1 cup lemon juice
½ cup stevia

8 oz. Tiesta Nutty Almond Cream tea
1 oz. Lemon simple syrup
1 oz. Rum
4 oz. Tonic water

To make your simple syrup; heat lemon juice and stevia in a saucepan over low heat until the sugar dissolves.

Brew 8 oz. of tea. Let cool. Pour all ingredients into a glass, stir, and add ice.

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