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These days it seems like there’s a pill or vitamin for everything. Aching pinky toe? There’s probably a pill for that. Why not stock your medicine cabinet with superb herbal tea instead? These herbal remedies can get you feeling back to your spectacular self, naturally.

Can’t count any more sheep? Chamomile tea is known to help you unwind. When stomach aches or muscle pains keep you up, chamomile’s natural anti-inflammatory powers will help your muscles relax – even the ones knotted up in your stomach.

Cinnamon helps the body calm down and aids digestion. Its warming effects help relax muscles while anti-bacterial properties fight against vicious stomach ache bacteria that cause indigestion and stomach aches.

Ginger is an age old remedy that treats everything from nausea to the common cold and migraines. Feeling every turn and bump in the backseat? Take some ginger tea for your cup holder.

Don’t just stop and smell this flower! Hibiscus helps lower high blood pressure. Its anti-inflammatory powers are also no match for colds and chest congestion. Hibiscus for the win.

Lemon grass. No, it is not the same grass in your front yard. That grass won’t help your stress level. Lemon grass on the other hand? A stress reliever and no lawnmower required.

Mint tea will refresh you inside and out by aiding relaxation and relieving stomach issues. Your muscles, stomach and mind will all feel minty fresh!

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