Iced Brewin’ 101

Iced Tea Brewing 101

You’re a pro at brewing up a hot cuppa. Go ahead and brush off your shoulder. But there are days when you’d rather guzzle down a refreshing, chilled concoction. Especially during the summer. No problem. You don’t have to be cold toward iced brewin’ anymore.

Step 1:
Double the dosage. For hot tea, the typical ratio of tea-to-water is 1.5 teaspoons/cup of hot water. So double down! That means 1 tablespoon/cup of hot water.

Step 2:
Brew it up hot and let it steep as directed. The temperature and steep time doesn’t change. Your tea will just be extra strong from doubling the dosage.

Step 3:
Fill half of your pitcher with ice. Fill the other half with your extra strong brew.

1 perfect pitcher of iced Tiesta Tea is in your hands!

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