CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – According to Tea Council USA, 160 million Americans drink tea on any given day and consume over 3 billion gallons of tea each year. In the past decade, loose-leaf tea has experienced 15% growth annually in the United States and most of this upswing has happened in the past few years. This growth is not going unnoticed. A handful of beverage titans have already scooped up companies thriving in the loose tea category.

“The (loose tea) category is growing quick and it’s very exciting. The more people that are aware of loose tea and what it can do, the better. Even if it’s not Tiesta Tea they know about, we’re excited with the potential and anxious to see what the future holds,” said Bobby Moynihan, Marketing/Creative Director at Tiesta Tea.

Nearly 80% of the world drinks tea, putting it second only to water. Of that 80%, only 15% drink loose-leaf tea. However, this is a 35% increase since last year. Loose-leaf teas are made with all-natural ingredients and uncompromised tea leaves, which provides more health benefits and richer flavors than its artificial alternatives. As more and more research is done on the benefits of whole tea leaves and more shows like Dr. Oz and Oprah sing its praises, people are becoming more aware of these benefits.

“Our strategy came after looking at the significant growth of three thriving industries. natural/organic food, functional beverages and specialty tea,” said Dan Klein, CEO and cofounder of Tiesta Tea.

Tiesta Tea takes a unique approach to categorizing their 50 unique flavors. The company divides traditional tea types into five functional lines that explain their effects. Energizer, Slenderizer, Relaxer, Immunity and Eternity contain a variety of flavors from Fruity Pebbles and Fireberry to Blueberry WIld Child and Victorian Earl Greys. From energy boosts to stress relievers, each group creates a strong distinction with its individual health benefits.

Aside from exotic blends and a simple approach to categorization, Tiesta Tea pays extra attention to their packaging. Bright solid colors equipped with a window allows the viewer to easily peek in on the all-natural ingredients. With an innovative design and youthful look, Tiesta Tea’s Tins won “Best New Product of 2011” at the World Tea Expo.

“Our number one goal is to make loose tea more inviting. That’s why simplicity, functionality and a transparent approach… to both packaging and business, sits at the core of Tiesta Tea’s values,” said Moynihan.

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Tiesta Tea Company is a loose-leaf tea company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Their all-natural, loose-leaf teas are packed with high quality fruits and herbs from all around the world. Their goal is to take the confusion out of tea by organizing the teas into five functional lines that explain the effects they have on the drinker (Energizer, Slenderizer, Relaxer, Immunity and Eternity). They believe this simple approach, along with unique flavors like Kiwi Cherry Bonanza and Banana Split will appeal to the masses and raise awareness for loose-leaf tea. Check out Tiesta’s teas online at www.tiestatea.com or find them in major grocery retailers across the United States. Find out more information about Tiesta Tea Company by going to www.tiestatea.com or calling 312-202-6800. Keep up with Tiesta Tea by following them on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.

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