Loose Review – Victorian Earl Grey

Description of our Energizer Victorian Earl Grey and tips for brewing the best cup

I once read that the reason people don’t like tea is that they don’t realize how strong it really needs to be, so they see it as weak and insipid. This can be problematic for people who are just being introduced to loose tea.

So, here’s my suggestion for learning how to #liveloose.

It’s Monday morning and I need a tea I can really sink my teeth into. It needs to stand up to the rigors of trying to get my brain in gear for a busy week, while yet appealing to my feminine sensibilities. After all, as I tell my husband, I am a delicate flower.

I grabbed my Victorian Earl Grey. It’s a black tea, which means it has caffeine to wake you up, oil of bergamot, which gives it a distinctive aroma, kind of like an herbal lemon floor polish. Sounds weird, but it works, believe it or not. But what Tiesta has ingeniously done is add flowers such as lavender, marigold and rose. This softens it a bit so the flavor is more like a loving sibling punch in the arm than a slap in the face.

Now I don’t know about you, but I do not keep a measuring spoon at my desk. That would be odd (says the woman with 22 different kinds of tea at her desk). What you see in the palm of my hand in the picture is about 2 1/2 pinches. A good strong brew is what I wanted. I also used two packets of sugar. A brew strong enough to get you going on a Monday morning is going to need just a touch of sweetness to cut the bitterness.

What’s really neat is that as the VEG brews, the leaves and flowers unfurl, releasing their goodness. It’s not all chopped up dust, like other low quality bagged teas that most people are used to.

Anyway, visually, a strong brew should be dark, but not so dark you can’t see through it. This helps it really hold its own against a bagel and schmear. Which you need on a Monday morning.

You know, you could do a lighter brew of the VEG in the evening for a bit of relaxation, but I wanted to Carpe Diem today. The VEG is an excellent start to both the day and the loose tea life. That black tea with the bergamot helps put hair on your chest so you can go conquer those TPS reports (obligatory movie reference here), but that lavender, marigold and rose help you do it with a smile.

Yours in Steeping,
Sarah Jo

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