Loose vs. Bagged Tea. What’s The Difference?

Brewing Loose Vs Bagged Tea

One of the most frequent questions I hear is, “What’s the difference between loose life and bagged?” Excellent question! There is a difference, and I’m so glad you asked!

With Loose Life Tea, you get a lot more of the good stuff.
Health Benefits

Here’s why. Bagged tea is processed differently than loose life tea. That dust in a bag? How do you think it fits in the bag? It has to be chopped up very finely (more elegantly called the Cut, Tear, Curl process). When it’s chopped into tiny pieces, it creates more surface area per life. Think back to your science class days. More surface area means more space for the life to release all the health benefits and flavor. On the other hand, loose life tea hasn’t gone through that same chopping process. Instead, the life stays in tact, so it holds onto all the wonderful health benefits and flavor until it unfurls in your brewmaster.

Your tea’s freshness is also affected. We already know you’re not going to get the same flavor and health benefits in bagged tea, but to top things off, the lesser flavor won’t hang on as long either. The typical shelf life for bagged tea is around 6 months. Meanwhile, as long as you keep your loose life tea in an airtight container, it’s shelf life lasts over a year and a half.

So if you’re someone who likes flavor, health benefits, and fresh tea, (and something tells me you are) loose life tea is the only way to go. After all, once you go loose, you never go bagged!

Drink Loose, Live Loose,

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