More Than Some Jittery High

3 Natural Stimulants Found In Tea That Improve Brain Function

Aside from Caffeine, tea contains 3 natural stimulants that do much more than wake you up. These 3 stimulants improve respiratory and circulatory functions that increase mental clarity and longevity, which provides a much better result than just tricking your sensory nerves into thinking you’re not tired (basically what caffeine does on its own).

Theobromin improves blood flow, which allows more oxygen to be carried to the brain. Resulting in a happily healthy functioning brain.

L-Theanine increases the production of alpha waves, which are associated with an alert relaxation. This alert relaxation is similar to the sort of mental clarity that comes from meditation

Theophylline increases oxygen to the brain, which is associated with increased mental clarity.

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  • Patricia Swarts

    Love your product, plan on trying all the different flavors, I drink hot & cold tea all year long, tiesta tea is my new go to tea.


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