New Year, New You

Healthy Habits for New Years Resolutions

Looking for a fresh start this New Year? Tired of giving up your New Year’s resolution in February? Old habits die hard. Instead of clearing off that treadmill, try focusing on drinking just 2 extra cups of tea a day.

Trying to lose weight?
Gulp down a few extra glasses of green tea for a fiber filled diet that will have you shedding pounds without even realizing it.

Want to be healthier?
Just like every other addiction, the key is to stay positive and let the frustrating times pass. Try replacing your cigarette breaks with tea time. Not only does tea help reduce stress, but black teas help aid your lungs in fighting against the harmful carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. Your new habit can be shared with your friends and family, too!

Looking to save some money?
Used tea leaves can serve a million different purposes. You can make your own shampoo, essential oils or just add it too your garden for a compost. Also, drinking loose leaf tea is way cheaper than beverages like coffee or alcohol.

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