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The Loose Change Program encompasses everything we do to give back. It enables us to use our platform to create change locally, nationally and globally. We created the Loose Change Program because we believe it’s our responsibility to use our platform to make lives better. We believe that life is about more than just tea and business. Our Core Causes: - Enhance the well-being of our local community - Empower organizations that use tea to enhance inclusivity - Provide water to our farmers across the globe How you create Loose Change: Creating Loose Change is simple and you create it with every online purchase and every purchase of our bottled cold brew tea. A portion of every cold brew goes toward our Living Well Project and each time you place an order from our online shop, the change to the right of the decimal (aka your loose change) will be donated to the Loose Change Program and set aside to support our three Core Causes. We work hard to change lives within each core cause. by improving the world around us. Sure, we can do that with loose leaf tea, but it doesn’t stop there.

Water: The Living Well Project

Several ingredients in our fan-favorite teas come from farmers in northern Nigeria. In our farmers’ villages, women & children spend up to 5 hours every day collecting water to use for cooking, cleaning and drinking. That’s over 13,000 hours per year. Making water accessible and giving back directly is something we’re passionate about, so we created the Living Well Project, a program dedicated to installing water wells in our farmer’s villages.

Autism & all-abilities with Extra Special Teas

In 2015, ExtraSpecialTeas (EST), a nonprofit tea house located in Great Barrington, MA, opened its doors with the mission “to show the world that the future belongs to everyone belonging”. EST brings those with extra special needs and their community together through tea, empowering everyone with a sense of purpose. EST employs those with autism and other special needs and provides daytime habilitation therapies and vocational opportunities. Our partnership with EST runs throughout the year and includes helping EST source their tea as well as donating the Loose Change created every month from our online tea sales.

Well-Being through Spread the Warmth

Chicago in January is freezing. Since we’re a hot tea company, we wanted to use our hot tea to spread a little warmth through not only tea, but through conversation and showing we care with those who feel Chicago’s cold shoulder the most? That’s how Spread the Warmth was born. Every January, our team and volunteers gather together to pass out hot tea and Warmth Kits to those living on the cold city streets. The Warmth Kits contain food, toiletries and warm clothing donated from the community. One evening each January, our volunteers go out and share hot tea and Warmth Kits with those in soup kitchens and shelters throughout the city. 2018 marked our 3rd Annual Spread The Warmth, and, with the help of 200 volunteers, we created 700 Warmth Kits and shared 2,000 cups of hot tea and countless smiles and conversations! It’s our vision to make Spread The Warmth a Chicago-wide event that encourages the entire Chicago community to come together and give back.

Join Spread the Warmth 2018!

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