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At Tiesta Tea, we believe in Living Loose each and every day.

Living Loose isn’t just about tea. It’s about community. It’s about accepting, inspiring and helping each other. We want to enhance everyday experiences by improving the world around us. Sure, we can do that with loose leaf tea, but it doesn’t stop there.

At Tiesta Tea, we believe in Living Loose each and every day.

We give back directly to our farmers through our Living Well Project

We get all of our hibiscus from farmers in Jigawa, Nigeria, who produce the best hibiscus in the world. Nigeria is one of the few countries that can produce hibiscus because of the hot, dry climate required to grow it. In our farmers’ villages, women & children spend up to 5 hours everyday collecting water to use for cooking, cleaning and drinking. We traveled directly to one of those villages and built a water well to give everyone in the community access to healthy, clean water with the turn of a faucet. Seeing the joy that water, one of life’s most basic needs, can bring to our tea community was indescribable & unforgettable. Thanks to our employees, customers, retailers, investors, family and friends who love Tiesta Tea enough to help us bring change directly to our tea community. This is just the beginning of what we will do together!


Creating Loose Change is simple and happens with every online purchase! Each time you place an order from our online tea shop, the change to the right of the decimal (aka your loose change) will be donated to one of our nonprofit partners. So, every time you order, you’re helping make Loose Change.


Every year, Tiesta Tea employees and volunteers gather together to pass out hot tea, warm clothing items and food to those less fortunate living on the cold city streets of Chicago. Local businesses donate food, toiletries, warm clothing items and coats to be put into Warmth Kits that are passed out at local shelters across the city. With the help of volunteers from our community, we pass out these Warmth Kits and cups of hot tea to those who find themselves sleeping on the cold city streets. It’s our vision to make Spread The Warmth a Chicago-wide event that encourages the entire Chicago community to come together and give back.

At our 2nd Annual Spread The Warmth event, with the help of 150 volunteers, we created 350 Warmth Kits and passed out 2,000 cups of hot tea throughout 10 social service agencies in the Chicagoland area. That's double our efforts from our 2016 Spread the Warmth event!

Join Spread the Warmth 2018!



“At ExtraSpecialTeas, we will always be committed each and everyday to inspiring a future where everyone with intellectual or developmental challenges get that they matter and feel they belong to their community. The future belongs to everyone belonging.”

In 2015, ExtraSpecialTeas, a nonprofit tea house located in Great Barrington, MA, opened its doors to show the world that the future belongs to everyone belonging! EST brings together those with extra special needs and their community together to empower everyone with a sense of purpose, self invention and social innovation. ExtraSpecialTeas employs those with autism and other special needs and provides daytime habilitation therapies and vocational opportunities. Tiesta Tea’s partnership with EST runs throughout the year and includes helping ExtraSpecialTeas source their tea as well as donating Loose Change every month from Tiesta Tea’s online sales.

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