• HOW A CHICAGO STARTUP THINKS IT CAN BEAT TEAVANA AND DAVID’S TEA - “Friends since preschool in Arlington Heights, Dan Klein and Patrick Tannous were taking a semester abroad in different European cities in 2009 and decided to meet up in Prague. At a tiny teahouse, they tried loose-leaf tea infused with fruits and herbs. “Why aren’t more people in the U.S. drinking this kind of tea?” Klein […]
  • LOOSE LEAF TEA IN THE BULK FOOD DEPT? ‘WE WANT TO BRING NEW CONSUMERS INTO THE CATEGORY,’ SAYS TIESTA TEA - “The founders of Tiesta Tea always thought there’s a posh, unapproachable aura around loose leaf tea, but they also contend that the loose leaf format is the best way to sell and prepare tea. They spent their last college year developing a novel and affordable delivery format…” by Adi Menayang from Food Navigator-USA. Read Full […]
  • CHICAGOLAND CHAMBER NAMES FRONT-RUNNERS FOR TYREE AWARD - “The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce has named the top 12 front-runners for its 2016 James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award, which honors a business for its philanthropic values…” from Illinois Business Daily Reports. Read Full Article Here: Chicagoland Chamber Names Front-Runners For Tyree Award Source: http://ilbusinessdaily.com/
  • SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY: HOW TIESTA TEA BREWED UP ITS SUCCESS - “Real dreams. Real stories. Real businesses built by real people. It all began with a conversation among friends at a teahouse during a semester in Europe. It could have ended there, like so many college daydreams do, the wistful chatter that populates so much of undergraduate life. But Patrick Tannous and Daniel Klein made their […]
  • AFTER THE STARTUP PHASE, THE NEXT BIG CHALLENGE IS MARKETING - Getting the word out is a major challenge for companies trying to move beyond their startup phase—whether it’s marketing a product to the masses or selling a service to other businesses. “How do we get our name out there and promote the service without breaking the bank?” says Jeff Golding, 43, president of WilliamPaid.com, a […]
  • Tiesta Tea World Tea Champions BREAKING BOUNDARIES - Tiesta Tea aspires to break the mold set by tradition as it introduces unique packaging to the market with a contemporary eye-catching design and vibrant colors. The names behind the Tiesta Tea brand, Patrick Tannous and Dan Klein want to reach a younger, non-traditional tea-drinking audience. The two knew that the packaging of Tiesta Tea […]
  • Making Tea Cool MAKING TEA COOL IS GOOD BUSINESS - Tiesta Tea is making tea cool. “This is not your grandmother’s cup of tea,” said Daniel Klein, chief executive officer of Tiesta Tea. Klein and lifetime friend Patrick Tannous, chief operating officer, have created a line of loose-leaf teas that they hope will be accessible to everyone. “Everyone can enjoy tea, whether you’re 10 or […]
  • TIESTA TEA – HOW THEY BREWED UP SUCCESS - Entry costs in to the world of small business can sometimes be steep, but savvy entrepreneurs know how to take advantage of programs that give them a leg up. Tiesta Tea principals Dan Klein and Patrick Tannous, who launched Tiesta’s product line in August 2010, managed to do just that to make sure their product, […]
  • The Beginning Of Tiesta Tea THE BEGINNING OF TIESTA TEA - So you used to be a Starbucks junkie but you’ve weaned yourself off…or at least, you’re working on it. Maybe it’s because you hate the post-caf energy crash, or maybe it’s the high calorie, high sugar content that you’re avoiding; either way, Tiesta Tea has arrived to cure your ills. The brainchild of Finance/Entrepreneurship major […]
  • TIESTA TEA: A GREAT STORY - Since I have started the Chef Dad Omaha Blog I have had the opportunity to be introduced to a lot of unique products and some companies that have inspiring stories. Tiesta Tea is no exception! Tiesta Tea was founded by a group of college students. The became inspire during a weekend study abroad trip in […]
  • TIESTA TEA TEAMS UP WITH COSTCO - CHICAGO, Nov. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Tiesta Tea the Chicago-based innovative loose-leaf tea company shaking up a centuries-old industry through their accessible blends and affordable pricing, has launched in its bulk tea program at Costco’s Northwest Division Warehouses. Currently in rotation is their popular flavor, Maui Mango, made with all natural-ingredients and selling for just $19.99 […]
  • LOOSE LEAF TEA: GROWING WILD IN AMERICA - CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – According to Tea Council USA, 160 million Americans drink tea on any given day and consume over 3 billion gallons of tea each year. In the past decade, loose-leaf tea has experienced 15% growth annually in the United States and most of this upswing has happened in the past few years. […]
  • TIESTA TEA CLOSES SERIES A FUNDING ROUND - CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – Tiesta Tea, a loose-leaf tea company, announced the closing of their first investment round, for $930,000, led by Crimson Investment Group. The round ended up doubling the company’s original funding goal, which will enable Tiesta Tea to accelerate growth, expand marketing efforts and introduce a new product line. Since the incorporation […]
  • HOW TO RAISE 1M AS A YOUNG START-UP - CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – After announcing the close of their first investment round, Dan Klein & Patrick Tannous, co-founders of Tiesta Tea, offer tips of raising money for young entrepreneurs like themselves. Their success allowed Tiesta Tea, a loose-leaf tea company specializing in exotic flavors and simple functions, to double its original funding goal, […]
  • JUNTO INSTITUTE HELPS SHAPE TIESTA TEA’S GROWTH TRAJECTORY - CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – Tiesta Tea is one of seven companies that were a part of the founding class of a 10 month program at the Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership. This program has been beneficial to Tiesta Tea for a variety of reasons. Not only have Dan Klein (CEO), Patrick Tannous (President), Alex Sosnov […]
  • TIESTA TEA WINS FORBES FAN’S CHOICE - CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – Last week, Tiesta Tea was recognized by Forbes for receiving the 2013 Fan’s Choice for Most Innovative Consumer Brand. The young loose-leaf tea company attributes this success to their strong online presence and valued supporters. Experts in the field were asked to pick the 25 most innovative consumer and retail […]
  • YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS ATTACK AGE-OLD INDUSTRY - CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – Tiesta Tea, a loose-leaf tea company, is run by four young entrepreneurs who have taken unique approaches to getting their product on grocery store shelves. Using their youth and understanding of social media, Tiesta Tea has been able to bypass paying slotting fees, which can often reach sums of $100,000 […]

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