Naughty or Anise


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Function: Relaxer

Tea Type: Herbal Tea

Caffeine: None

Description: Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea

Ingredients: apple pieces + currants + almonds + cinnamon + star anise + cinnamon sticks + roasted chicory root + natural flavors (CONTAINS NUTS)

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Earn up to 29 Leaves.

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Product Description

You better watch out for our sweet but sometimes sneaky cousin, Naughty or Anise. Anise, as our grandmother calls her, is as nice as can be, until she gets ya with one of her holiday tricks. She lives in the WOW by teetering between Santa’s naughty and nice list on a daily basis. Her calming demeanor is offset by her spicy personality, which often gets her into trouble. Still to be determined on whether or not she will be receiving coal in her stocking this year.

  • Brewing Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blends

    Step 1:

    Add 1.5 tsp of loose tea for every 8 oz of water

  • Brewing Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blends

    Step 2:

    Pour 208º F water over your loose tea leaves

  • Brewing Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blends

    Step 3:

    Remove tea leaves after they’ve steeped for 5-7 minutes