Tiesta Tea Ice Pops

Tiesta Tea Popscicle

Is it hot out there? Cool down on those humid summer days with tea flavored ice pops – a healthy throwback to your childhood, and a tasty way to beat the heat.They’re as easy to make as one, two, freeze!

Dealer’s Choice – Make your ice pops your way with your favorite tea blend. Choose one with fruity notes to relive your younger summers.

Double Shot – Brew tea for ice pops like you would ice tea – with twice the amount of tea leaves for a stronger flavor. Heat up your water and brew enough servings to fill your desired ice pop molds.

Swee-tea – Want more of a dessert flavor? Add a little honey or agave to sweeten, or lemon juice for a citrusy burst. Otherwise, let the tea take center stage and prepare for frozen goodness.

Freeze! – Well this is pretty self explanatory… just uh… put those ice molds in your freezer, or your neighbors freezer, whichever you prefer. If it is the latter though, we recommend you share.


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