Tour De Taste @ Safeway

Tour De Taste At Safeway

Hi Tiesta Family,

Ashley here! I’m typing like a mad woman because I am crazy excited for Tour de Taste! In just 1 day I’m heading out west to Arizona and California. AKA: TOMORROW!! What the hell am I doing in these cities? I’m bringing you tea! I know, I’m so nice. But in all seriousness, I’m coming out to Safeway stores and inviting you to join me for a Tiesta Tea Tasting. Every day, I’ll have samples of tea brewed up and waiting for you to try. You can ask me questions (20 if you want), and I’ll share my tea wisdom. Or, we can always just life chat if you prefer. I’d love to learn about which local sights and dives to visit!

Most importantly, I get to meet you! And we get to Drink It Forward together. Ever heard of paying it forward? Well, that’s what we’re doing. But in our own Tiesta way – with tea. Drink It Forward is so important to us, we’ve dedicated a whole page to it. Check it out: #DrinkItForwad

For those who resorted to sparknotes in school, here’s your version:
Drink it Forward = Our way of giving back. For Tour de Brew, a portion of every purchase made while I’m in a store will be donated to a local charity.

Follow my journey with #TourdeTaste and #DrinkItForward. I’ll post pics, stories, FAQ’s, and more fun!

Find your Safeway & mark the calendar! It’s going to be a blast!

See you soon!

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