CHICAGO, August 13, 2013 – Tiesta Tea, a loose-leaf tea company, is run by four young entrepreneurs who have taken unique approaches to getting their product on grocery store shelves. Using their youth and understanding of social media, Tiesta Tea has been able to bypass paying slotting fees, which can often reach sums of $100,000 per chain.

Slotting fees are what people refer to as “paying for shelf space”. This gives companies a three to six month window to sell product and ultimately gain shelf space for good. After selling into their first large grocery chain and forking over $100,000 to slotting fees, the young company knew this couldn’t continue if they wanted to stay in business. It was this experience that revealed the potential of their in-store demo program, the “Demo Derby”.

“The demo program was ultimately developed to encourage sales and get our teas flying off the shelf. It wasn’t until we experienced the grim reality of slotting fees that we realized its potential with buyers and getting our tea on the shelf as well,” said Bobby Moynihan, Creative and Marketing Director at Tiesta Tea. “But the demo program alone wasn’t going to persuade buyers to waive fees. It needed something more,” said Moynihan. After noticing a serious lack of engagement between grocery stores and their customers, Tiesta Tea realized social media was the answer.

The in-store demo program transformed from an in-store demo booth to a full-blown experience that engages customers in the store as well as online. “A lot of these grocery buyers didn’t know much about social media, they just knew they needed to be doing it. When we’d go into these meetings and tell the buyers that Tiesta Tea is going to drive sales by engaging with you and your customers through social media, their faces light up and the tone of the conversation drastically changes,” said Patrick Tannous, President of Tiesta Tea.

Since introducing the Demo Derby, Tiesta Tea hasn’t paid any slotting fees and can now be found on over 2500 grocery store shelves nationwide.

Social media has made it possible for small companies like Tiesta Tea, to interact with consumers and make sure they are providing the best experience possible. The loose-leaf tea company was recently recognized by Forbes as the Fan’s Choice for Most Innovative Consumer Brand. This contest was hosted on Facebook and Twitter, which means a strong online presence was the key to success. Wins like these have given the young company leverage when pitching to buyers who are usually unfamiliar with social media, but understand the importance of it in today’s world.

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Tiesta Tea Company is a loose-leaf tea company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Their all-natural, loose-leaf teas are packed with high quality fruits and herbs from all around the world. Their goal is to take the confusion out of tea by organizing the teas into five functional lines that explain the effects they have on the drinker (Energizer, Slenderizer, Relaxer, Immunity and Eternity). They believe this simple approach, along with unique flavors like Kiwi Cherry Bonanza and Banana Split will appeal to the masses and raise awareness for loose-leaf tea. Check out Tiesta’s teas online at or find them in major grocery retailers across the United States. Find out more information about Tiesta Tea Company by going to or calling 312-202-6800. Keep up with Tiesta Tea by following them on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.

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