We’ve all heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” The saying should reflect the reality; “April Showers bring on colds and allergy season - but at least it marks the beginning of beautiful spring days!” It doesn’t have the same ring, but the sentiment is definitely accurate!  Rain or shine, Tiesta Tea will be here for you. These are our “April Necessities” to get the most out of this spring-y month.



Whether you’re the person who romps around in the puddles, or is speed walking with your hood on through a sprinkle, an umbrella is a necessity for those super rainy days. You have places to go, people to see - and you don’t want to show up soaked. Umbrellas can also be a fun way to reflect your personality, even when your coat has you all covered up. Find an umbrella with some cute polka dots, solid black, or even covered in cats: whatever mirrors your style!

Immunity Tea:

With the weather shifts, colds begin to run rampant. The plants reblooming also re-introduces allergy season. April can therefore be a month full of headaches, runny noses, and sore throats. We’re here to help! Our Immunity Tea line contains rooibos, herbal, and fruit teas, which will help you recover by fueling your body with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Now, not all of April is doom and gloom, it also has beautiful, sunny spring days! On these days, the fruity flavors held in the Immunity line make for fantastic iced teas! These bright, fruit-filled blends will have you feeling like you’re sipping on sunshine.


Did you know that Major League Baseball starts its 2022 season on April 7th? Grab your baseball paraphernalia and “root, root, root, for the home team!” Sunny spring days are also perfect for running your own game with some friends. After a good game, refresh with nourishing cold brew teas! Our Cold Brew Tea Packets make brewing a delicious pitcher of tea an easy home run!

Tennis Shoes:

Many outdoor activities and sports begin in the spring! Say “goodbye” to constantly needing thick boots, and swap them out for your favorite sneakers. Getting out into the warmer weather encourages us to stay active, and we need footwear that will help us stay light on our feet. 

Cute Stickers:

Stickers are the perfect way to add personality to any item! As we shed our winter layers, there is a resurgence in self expression. Add some sticky art to your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or wherever you want to spruce up for spring. If you have a vision for the exact artwork you’d desire: try making custom stickers! Visit our friends at Sticker Mule for some kick ass stickers that are sure to grab your friends’ attention. Here at Tiesta Tea, we are personal fans of Sticker Mule’s laptop stickers, check them out!

Easter Basket:

We all know that finding a personalized basket made just for you is the best Easter tradition. Are you ready to pack those Easter baskets for your loved ones? Stock up on plastic eggs, candy, and goodies that are sure to make the recipient squeal. Embrace the fun colors that are synonymous with the holiday. Want to add a rainbow to your basket? Try one of our Sampler Dry Flights! Our colorful, delicious samples allow for finding a favorite new tea, and adds a bit more of that ROY G BIV to your array.


We hope that these "April Necessities" will have you feeling the spring spirit! Want to join in on the action? Join us on Instagram and comment what your favorite necessities and Tiesta Tea blends are.

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