Your customers deserve the best; give them that with our bold, high-quality loose leaf tea. Over the past 10+ years, thousands of tea lovers have fallen in love with our premium, fun, delightful blends. Our founding mission was to make loose leaf tea accessible, affordable, and understandable. With our wholesale tea program, you can stand out from the competition, and fill even more mugs with Tiesta Tea.

Our premium quality loose leaf tea is comprised of over 30 proprietary, non- GMO certified blends sourced from around the globe. From traditional Japanese green tea, organic black tea and organic green tea from India, and oolong from China. Not to mention fruits, flowers, and spices come from the USA, Asia, and beyond.

Our all-natural blends range from unique to traditional, but with a Tiesta Tea twist, backed up by years of happy customer reviews. We categorize our health-boosting premium teas by function – that means, what can they do for you? We have Energizer, Relaxer, Slenderizer, Immunity, and Eternity blends –- truly something for everyone, whether they’re a long-time tea lover or a novice.



We offer wholesale prices for cases of each type of tea and teaware. Pouches and tins are sold in cases of 6 and 1lb bulk bags are sold in cases of 3. Yes, that means any Tiesta Tea blend is available for purchase to help you achieve your business goals and dreams -- whatever they are.

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, only beaten by water. It’s hydrating, delicious, and healthy. Not to mention, it has so many functions –– from providing energy or helping you relax, to boosting antioxidants or helping you maintain your weight. We want everyone to experience the joy of a mug of fresh, loose leaf tea.

As your wholesale tea supplier, we’re committed to helping you get the best tasting tea blends in your customer’s hands and supporting you in reaching your business goals with the help of a delicious mug of Tiesta Tea.


Our company is committed to making loose leaf tea accessible, understandable, and affordable to all. That’s why we started Tiesta Tea over 11 years ago. In keeping with our founding mission, we are proud to launch our wholesale tea program with the goal of helping businesses small and
large thrive.

As a part of The Tiesta Tea Wholesale Line, we are making all 30+ of our tea blends available at wholesale prices. Click the button to fill out an application today. All you need is your tax ID!



At Tiesta Tea, we believe in knowing where our products come from. That’s why we’ve visited numerous tea farms in China and dined with the farmers. We traveled to Japan to do a deep dive into matcha, a tea integral to the culture. We’ve also been to the hibiscus fields in Nigeria, where our hibiscus crop grows. While there, we got to know some of the community and installed the Living Well Project by Tiesta Tea, bringing fresh water to the farmers and their families.


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