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How long will my tea blend stay fresh?

Your properly stored Tiesta Tea blend will stay fresh and hold its flavor and health benefits for about a year and a half. Make sure to keep your tea stored in a room-temperature, dry environment that isn’t exposed to much light. Moisture and heat may be a tea’s best friend while steeping, but it is its worst enemy while storing, so keep those tins and bags away from water, heat, or humidity.

Our natural flavoring is usually an extract, sometimes an oil, taken directly from the same fruits that are present in our tea. The flavor will come straight from the source of whatever ingredient we want you to taste! The reason that we don’t list exactly which natural flavorings are present is because that's our secret sauce. If we did that, it would be very easy for our competitors to replicate the blends that we worked so hard to create ourselves. If you are concerned about a specific tea blend’s natural flavoring due to allergies, please email customerservice@tiestatea.com.

Our teas go through at least three different levels of testing before they are sold to you. First, our tea ingredients are tested by the European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection agency for any harmful components. Then, our tea blending facilities, which are all based in Germany, go through a series of tests that examine pesticide content and harmful chemicals. Once all of the ingredients are blended together and the final product is finished, your tea goes through one final test to ensure the safety and quality of the finished product.

Our candied, fruit-heavy teas weigh in at about 3-5 calories per 8oz serving. This translates to just under 1 carb or 1 gram of sugar per serving. Tea blends with only dried fruit or fruit granules (and no candied ingredients) contain virtually no calories! So if you’re counting calories, carbs, steps, or living that Paleo life, you're good to go with plenty of options!

At this time, we do not have any certified organic teas, but we’re working on it! Since we work with lots of ingredients, it is much harder to get that awesome butterfly sticker on our packaging. We hope that our teas and our warehouse will be fully certified soon!

You better believe it! No wheat (or wheat derivatives), rye, barley, triticale, malt, yeast, or wheat starch were harmed in the blending of your teas. However, since our ingredients come from all over the world, they may pass through a facility that is not certified as gluten-free on their way to us. If you are extremely gluten sensitive proceed with caution.

We sort our teas into four different categories based on caffeine content: high, medium, low & none. Essentially, our black tea contains the caffeine content of about ½ of a cup of coffee. Our green tea contains the caffeine content of about ¼ of a cup of coffee and our white tea contains the caffeine content of about ⅛ of a cup of coffee. Listed below are the specific milligram ranges of how much your 8oz cup contains!

All of our teas are vegan EXCEPT the eight of our blends that contain chocolate chunks, chocolate shavings or chocolate shell. These blends are: Creme Au Chocolat, Sexy Hot Christmas Tea, Cocoa Mocha, Cocoa Chili Pumpkin, Chocolate Ginger Turmeric, Chocolate Raspberry Bon Bon, Cocoa Caramel Indulge & Cocoa Mint Chill.

As a general rule, it is best to speak to your healthcare provider before introducing any new foods, herbs or beverages into your diet. So many different ingredients go into our tea blends, so being aware of what ingredients are included in particular blends you currently drink or want to drink when talking to your doctor is very important.

Several of our tea blends contain common food allergy ingredients such as almonds & pineapples. The first step would be to identify if the food you are allergic to is listed on a particular tea’s ingredient label. If you are concerned about a specific tea blend’s natural flavoring due to allergies, please email customerservice@tiestatea.com.

My Order

Typically, orders are on hold due to payment processing. We have found when paying with PayPal these payment take a little longer to go through since PayPal has to accept the payment request and process it over to us.  If you paid with PayPal, you might want to wait about 24 hours before checking on your order’s status. If you didn’t pay with PayPal or would like or more clarification about why your order is on hold, please email customerservice@tiestatea.com for more information.

Good news! Every time you place an order through our online tea shop, you get to select a FREE sample to try! You can pick any tea you want from that unique blend you have been dying to try or our all-time favorite you just cannot get enough of! Just our little way of saying thank you for Living Loose with us.

When in doubt, leave it to our highly-qualified tea sample chooser experts! Select “Surprise Me!” in the drop down menu before completing your order. Then, in the comment box at checkout, just let us know what you like, or leave it blank! Are you obsessed with fruity teas? Would you like a blend that’s highly caffeinated or nah? Do you like bold flavors or softer and more subtle notes? From there, we will personally pick a sample based on your comments. Yep, it’s that easy.

Oops! We apologize that your tea mail was sent missing an item! Please email customerservice@tiestatea.com with your order number & item missing and we will help straighten this out right away.

As much as we would love to send free samples to everyone, we simply get too many requests to do so. If we did that for everyone that asked, we wouldn't be able to keep the lights on! And working in the dark is hard.

Our goal is to have every order from our online tea shop ready to ship within the 24-48 hours after it is placed. We send out tea mail every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, typically in the morning. Since your tea is coming to you from Chicago, shipping time may vary based on where you live. We ship your tea via USPS and typically the ship time ranges from 3-4 days.

We only ship to the US & Canada via USPS. If you are in Canada, you are in luck! Right now, Canada is the only other country we ship to outside of the US.

Depends on where you live! Our offer a flat shipping rate of $5.99 for orders under $50 for anyone within the US. However, when you spend $50 on our website, you qualify for free shipping! If you are in Canada, we have a flat shipping rate of $13.99 on all orders.

Sorry for the technical hiccup! Please contact customerservice@tiestatea.com and we will help fix the glitch.

About Tiesta Tea

We're on a mission to make loose leaf tea understandable, accessible and affordable to everyone everywhere. Tiesta Tea has been the fastest growing tea company in the United States since 2014 (just ask Nielsen!), and we are currently distributed in 8,000 stores nationwide. We were founded on March 12, 2010 by two college entrepreneurs from U of I and UIC, and today we've grown into a team made up of young, stellar individuals who work hard and have a good time doing it. Creating tea blends that energize, relax, slenderize, boost immunity & defy age with incredible flavor is what we do best. We believe in Living Loose and using our resources to create change in our community.

ENERGIZER: Our Energizer Blends contain black and maté teas, which help you deal with fatigue by giving you an added mental and physical boost. RELAXER: Our Relaxer Blends contain herbal and rooibos teas with various ingredients that produce relaxing effects for both your body and mind. IMMUNITY: Our Immunity Blends contain rooibos and herbal teas, which help you recover by fueling your body with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. ETERNITY: Our Eternity Blends contain white, green, and herbal teas with an abundance of superfruits and antioxidants to help your body deal with the effects of aging. SLENDERIZER: Our Slenderizer Blends contain green and oolong teas that suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Absolutely! For our tins, just pop out the plastic windows on the tin as well as the plastic ring on the inside of the lid and toss those in the trash. Now your tin is ready to be recycled! For our sample, pouch and bulk tea bags, after you are done scooping all of the tea leaf goodness out of them, they are good to go in the recycle bin!

Our tea is sourced from all over the world! For example, our black tea comes from India, our rooibos tea comes from South Africa and our mango pieces come from Thailand! It all depends on which tea you’re drinking. If you would like to know the details of a specific tea’s origins, shoot us an email at customerservice@tiestatea.com.

Our tea filters are non-bleached, however they are not biodegradable.

Yes! All of our mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Our Tiesta Tea Brewmasters are made from medical grade plastic that is BPA free and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Our Slenderizer tea function is only made up of green tea blends. Green tea naturally suppresses appetite and provides a metabolism boost! We do not add any magical chemicals to our teas that help with weight loss, this is just naturally what green tea does for you.

If your favorite blend is not currently up on our website one of two things happened: it might be a seasonal blend, and if this is the case, don’t worry! It will be back when its season rolls around again. Or, your missing blend may have been discontinued. Every year we evaluate our teas and take into account feedback from our customers and employees about how their favorite blends and new flavor trends. When we find awesome new tea blends that we want to bring to our customers, it means we have to say goodbye to old friends to make room for the new. If you want to double check if your favorite tea was discontinued or not, shoot us an email at customerservice@tiestatea.com.


If you want to work in a fast-paced environment where every day is different, have a can-do attitude and a passion for innovation, you have come to the right place. We are always looking for those with incredible passion and energy to join our team and Live Loose with us! If you think you would make a good addition to our company, check out our careers page to read about any opportunities available and apply for the position you’re interested in!

Please email customerservice@tiestatea.com for all partnership opportunities, PR questions and media requests.

Tiesta Tea believes that giving back is one of the most important things a successful company can and should do. After all, we would never be where we are today without a little help from our friends.

Spread The Warmth: Everyone has love in their heart. We're using the love of many hearts to bring warmth and comfort to people in Chicago. We’re asking our community, friends, and family to share a moment of joy and warmth with those less fortunate. Using our resources, we’ll pass out cups of hot tea and warmth kits to those who find themselves sleeping on the cold city streets. Sign up to volunteer, donate and learn more about next year's Spread The Warmth event at tiestatea.com/spread-the-warmth.

ExtraSpecialTeas: EST is a community inspired nonprofit tea house located in Great Barrington, MA, employing people with ExtraSpecialNeeds seeking their purpose & where the future belongs to everyone belonging. Visit extraspecialteas.org or visit our Loose Change page for more information on how we create loose change with every online order to give back to EST.

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