In some ways August is like the beginning of a new year! August marks school years starting and peak moving season - so it’s a common time of transitions and new beginnings. Even if you’re starting school, or working, it’s still summertime, so soak up the season while you still can! Use these August necessities to amp up the end of your summer.

Beach Ball:

It’s time to have a ball this summer! Beach games and activities are the perfect way to chill on a hot summer day - and one of our personal favorites is bumping around a beach ball. Gather your friends and family for an activity that is great for all ages. Beach balls are super fun and colorful, and are the best addition to your time outdoors. You’ll then need to refresh after an intense game - do so with some cold brew tea.

School Supplies:

August officially holds back to school season. Stock up on new pencils, folders, notebooks, and more to make sure you have everything you need to start the school year off right. Our school essentials? The Energizer line! While prepping for school in the morning, get the necessary caffeine boost to carry you throughout the day - and a delicious one at that!


Did you know that National S’mores Day was August 10th? Even if you missed it - don’t worry! A s’more is the dessert that is sensational for any summer night. Sit around the campfire, exchange stories, and enjoy this treat! Want a drink that compliments your little, sweet sandwich? Try our Chai Love or Nutty Almond Cream as a tasty pairing to your s’more.

Cold Brew Tea:

Sip on refreshing teas that are just made for summer. Try Maui Mango or Blueberry Wild Child for a fruit-filled impact. Chunky Watermelon and Fireberry are amazing as summer mocktails and cocktails. Can’t make up your mind on which cold brew tea to start with? Don’t worry; our Cold Brew Tea Starter Pack is the best way to try multiple teas that are perfect for brewing cold!


Whether it’s for fashion or function, you need to have a trusty pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are THE summertime accessory. They are cute, can express your personality, but also can protect your eyes from UV light. Grab a pair of sunnies and head outside to enjoy the sunshine!

Picnic Basket:

Need an idea for the perfect summer date night? How about an idea for a family outing? Try a picnic! You’ll need a way to transport all of your goodies; that’s why a cute picnic basket is a necessity. Pack up all of your sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and treats for eating in a park or at a waterfront. Need the perfect drink to pack in your picnic basket? Try some iced tea; it’s an amazing refresher to go along with any meal.


We hope that these "August Necessities" will have you feeling the summer spirit! Want to join in on the action? Join us on Instagram and comment what your favorite necessities and Tiesta Tea blends are.

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