March Necessities for the SPRING Lover in Your Life

March: the weather starts to warm again, and the earth begins to re-bloom. When the temperature shifts, so does our routine, and this includes our tea routine! (rou-tea-ne, if you will ;) ) We have put together a list of our “March Necessities” to start to get you outside and thriving with tasty teas this month.

Reusable To-Go Cup:

As the weather improves, we know that many of you will be itching to go outside. “Hot girl walks” and long strolls may resume! This is why a reusable to-go cup is a necessity; you can take your tea with you. Enjoy the great outdoors once again with a drink that is flexible to your needs. Bring a hot tea for a slight breeze, or an iced tea for a clear, sunny day. One of our favorite brands for sustainable hydration is Manna Hydration. Pro-tip for those iced/cold brew tea days - put a cold brew packet in the 64 oz. tumbler, fill it with ice and water, and you'll have cold brew tea on-hand for the entire day.

Cup(s) of Matcha:

We’re seeing green this month! With it being St. Pat’s season, you’ve got to keep your tea on theme. Our Superior Grade Matcha is the perfect green drink with the taste and benefits to impress. Matcha boosts your health and will energize your mind while also helping you maintain focus and concentration. If you want to turn other snacks and drinks green, try adding matcha to ice cream, lemonade, bread, or smoothies! If you want to learn more about matcha and our harvesting process, you can watch this short video.

Sweet Treats:

Did you know that March 12th marks Tiesta Tea’s golden birthday? Grab a piece of cake and a cup of tea to celebrate with us! Besides for our birthday, sweet treats are a necessity because nothing beats tea time and a snack to wrap up your day. If you're not feeling cake, our favorite sweet treat suggestion is from our friends at Muddy Bites. These bites are a new brand of chocolate waffle snacks and they are addicting! 

March Madness Brackets:

It’s March Madness season, baby! Whether you’re rooting for your alma mater or whoever does well in AP rankings, you need to have your brackets prepared. It’s always a blast to pit your brackets against your friends and family for bragging rights (or maybe a friendly bet or two). If you are having any viewing parties for the tournament, remember that our Cold Brew Tea Packets or our Summer Mocktail Teas make for refreshing beverages for guests of all ages!

Spring Florals:

The beginning of spring marks the start of gardening season… so, bring on the flowers! The best part of the season is the snow disappearing and being replaced with new blooms. If you want those delightful florals to be in your cup of tea, you may love Lavender Chamomile, Chinese Jasmine, or Victorian Earl Grey. You can even spread the seasonal flower power to your soaps, baths, candles, and other products, by DIY-ing with our organic lavender flowers

St. Pat’s Apparel 

Bust out your shamrock and green apparel to deck yourself out from head to toe for St. Patrick’s Day! You can even keep your tea on theme with your fit this March 17th with our delicious green teas! Don't forget to celebrate the Patrick in your life (our personal favorite is our president, P-Tea). If you really want to spoil them, consider getting them this green tea shirt and their favorite Tiesta blend. We're sure they'll appreciate it! 


We hope that these "March Necessities" will have you feeling the spring spirit! Want to join in on the action? Join us on Instagram and comment what your favorite necessities and Tiesta Tea blends are.



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