May is a month full of bittersweet ends and new beginnings. There’s the official end of the colder months, prom, and graduation season. There’s also the introduction of summer, life transitions, and wedding season! Our new beginnings in spring can be symbolized by the world around us - the sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom! May is a beautiful month to spend outdoors and with your loved ones: here’s our May necessities to rock to get the most out of the month!


What’s the best meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner? The answer is not a part of that list - it’s brunch! There’s nothing like sitting in the sunshine with your besties by your side and a drink in hand. Do you want to host the perfect spring brunch? You must add Maui Mango mimosas to your cocktail menu; simply swap out orange juice for the tea that sweeps you off on a tropical getaway. 


April showers bring May flowers… and it’s May, baby! Let the colorful explosion of flowers begin. Now is the time where the grass grows back greener, the trees say “hello” to its leaves, and florals begin to pop out of the dirt. We all think of flowers as beautiful, but did you know that they can also be delicious? Add a springy touch to your baked goods, meals, and drinks. If you want those florals to be in your cup of tea, you may love Lavender Chamomile, Chinese Jasmine, or Victorian Earl Grey loose leaf teas.  

Baseball Hat:

Whether you’re hitting a baseball game (Go Sox and Cubs!) or spending a day strolling in the sun, protect your face from the rays with a baseball hat. Whether you sport your favorite team or favorite color, hats are also a fun way to wear your personality and interests! 

Walking Playlist:

Spring is walk-season. Blue skies and sunshine, mild warmth; May has the best weather to go get your strut on. Now, whether you’re walking your dog, or going on your “hot girl walk,” you need to set the vibe with your music. Make a playlist full of your favorite upbeat songs; the music and fresh air will be an instant mood booster! Make sure to bring a bottle of your favorite cold brew tea with you on your walk to properly, and deliciously, hydrate.

Light Jacket:

As gorgeous as the outdoors can be in May - it is not summertime temperatures quite yet! Grab your favorite outerwear on the days that are a little bit chilly. Remember, even those bright, sunny days can still greatly cool off at night. Layering is a necessity in the spring - you have to deal with every type of weather! Find a jacket to express your personal style. Wear a leather jacket, a blazer, a jean jacket - whatever fits your vibe! Just make sure you have the proper layers to get you through the ups and downs and inconsistencies of spring. 

Spring Favorite Teas:

Spring teas are our favorite May necessity! Sip on delicious teas that fit the season. Our loose leaf tea blends Blueberry Wild Child and Chunky Watermelon are perfectly reminiscent of a fruit filled, spring picnic. Fireberry and Ginger Sweet Peach are sweet and sassy blends that are also amazing for helping fight off any seasonal colds. Our Iced Tea Sampler Dry Flight is the perfect way to try multiple teas that are incredible hot or cold - and the flavors are perfect for spring. No matter what type of tea you crave this May - we’ve got you covered with our amazing, functional loose leaf blends. 

We hope that these "May Necessities" will have you feeling the spring spirit! Want to join in on the action? Join us on Instagram and comment what your favorite necessities and Tiesta Tea blends are.

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