Mother's Day Gift Guide - Best Gift Ideas for Different Types of Moms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner - what do you get the moms, mommas to be, and mother figures in your life? We’re here to help! Try out these original tea bundle ideas to have your mom feeling the most special and appreciated this Mother’s Day. 

To: Any Tea Loving Mom

Starting off easy… a loose leaf tea gift box is perfect for any tea loving mom. With a tea gift box, your mom can try multiple delicious blends; they are bound to find a new favorite tea!

Now let's look at gift ideas for different types of moms!

To: Bahama Mama

Got a Bahama Mama that loves to chill at the beachside? Put together a beach day bundle! Find a floppy hat in their favorite color, and some sunnies to match. Even though your mom is the sunshine of your life… we don’t want the sunshine to be too brutal for their beach day. Now, we all know the best part of a day in the sun - tropical drinks! Get your hands on some Maui Mango cold brew tea. This mango, orange, and pineapple fruit tea is perfectly reminiscent of a tropical getaway and it’s fantastic chilled. It’s also super delicious as part of a cocktail if your mom wants to live a little more on the wild side. For super easy brewing, also grab the Takeya Flash Chill Pitcher. This pitcher makes brewing cold brew tea as easy as 1…2…Cold Brew! Just drop one of the cold brew tea packets into the pitcher, fill it up with water, and let it brew in the fridge for 2 hours. This pitcher seals entirely, so it’s perfect for throwing into your beach bag or cooler on-the-go! 

To: Crunchy Mom

Crunchy Moms.. Granola Moms… whatever term you prefer: this bundle is perfect for the moms who love the outdoors and consciously use natural, environmentally friendly products. The first part of this gift is obvious: plants. Gift your mother their favorite plant to help them bring those treasured outdoors, in! For your eco-conscious queen, get them a reusable shopping bag for their trips, it is the perfect way to reduce plastic waste. Another fantastic way to reduce plastic and paper waste is to gift your mom loose leaf tea! Think about the amount of waste created by throwing out those individual bags every day, if not multiple times a day. We recommend Lavender Chamomile loose leaf tea for the mama who loves some natural relaxation. Chamomile is known to help one’s mind and body relax; lavender helps improve sleep quality. If we continue on the path of natural healing and relaxation, add some essential oils to your mother’s bundle.

To: Millennial Ma

This next gifting idea is perfect for all of the trendy mommas out there! Find a mug that reflects their personality and will be perfect for holding their morning cup of tea. This can be a great way to support a small pottery business as well. Next, you need something to fill that mug. Matcha is the current "It Girl" drink of choice; it’s high in antioxidants, increases energy & focus, and boosts the immune system and metabolism. The health benefits and delicious, earthy flavor makes this green tea all the rage. If your mom is a fan of matcha lattes, throw a frother into this gift bundle. Frothed milk elevates your morning matcha latte to the next level. Lastly, we want to gift good energy to our moms, so find a candle they'd love. If you're going for the trend-setter vibe, find a candle in a fun shape that is super cute!

We hope that you can draw inspiration from this gift guide. There are so many clever ways to gift scrumptious, top loose leaf tea to your mom this Mother’s Day - make it personable and memorable! No matter what you decide on, Tiesta Tea is here to provide an amazing tea experience for you and your moms! 

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