July is summertime at its prime. The month is meant for beach and pool days, barbecues, and creating memories with your favorite people. Whether you prefer a summer full of partying and socialization, or a simple time poolside with your favorite book, these July necessities will take your experience to the next level.

Grilling Tools:

It’s time to answer the age old question: hot dog or hamburger? No matter what your barbecue go to is, you need the tools to prepare its deliciousness! Grab your spatula and skewers; when you have a crowd to please, make sure you are fully equipped to satisfy the carnivorous. To make sure the hungry aren’t also thirsty, brew up your favorite cold brew tea to refresh and hydrate your guests of all ages.

Pool Floatie:

There is nothing better than basking in the sunlight with water lightly grazing you, creating the perfect cooling effect. The easiest, and cutest, way to achieve this bliss is by purchasing a pool floatie! They come in so many fun colors and shapes. Float your days away in a flamingo, a donut, or even a pineapple! If you want a cute photo for the 'gram in your floatie, coordinate your swimsuit and summertime beverage to it. If you have that pineapple floatie, wear a fun yellow suit and sip on an iced tea such as Pineapple Sangria, Pineapple Blues, or Black Thai Tropical!

Beach Towel:

If you don’t have a beach, lake, or pool day in July - you’re not doing it right! Waterfront fun is the best way to celebrate the perfect summer day. Whether you’re boating on Lake Michigan, scuba diving sea side, or coasting through a lazy river, you need to dry off before returning home. Grab your favorite beach towel to accompany you to your water filled days. When you choose your beach towel, find something that reflects your personality!

Iced Tea:

Sip on delicious teas that are a flawless summertime fit. Try Strawberry Lemonade or Blueberry Wild Child for a fruit-filled impact. Blackberry Bellini and Pineapple Sangria are amazing as summer cocktails. Can’t make up your mind on which iced tea to start with? Don’t worry; our Iced Tea Sampler Dry Flight is the best way to try multiple teas that are perfect for pouring over ice!


“I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating - and it gets everywhere.” Do you find yourself having the same sentiment as Anakin? Rock some sandals to keep the sand from those beach days out of your shoes and socks. Keep things open and breezy, while still having the protection the bottom of your feet need. Take advantage of sandal season while it’s here, because soon enough, you’ll be right back in your constricting shoes.

Ice Cream:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Why? It’s the perfect treat for a hot and sunny day. In fact, ice cream is so quintessentially summer, July 17th has been named National Ice Cream Day. If you crave a refresher that is sweet like this treat, but not nearly as sugary, try Maui Mango or Nutty Almond Cream as an iced tea!


We hope that these "July Necessities" will have you feeling the summer spirit! Want to join in on the action? Join us on Instagram and comment what your favorite necessities and Tiesta Tea blends are.

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