September Essentials for an Incoming Cozy Fall

We have great news for all of the fall lovers - September marks the beginning of the season! The temperature slowly begins to drop, but the days are still sunny and beautiful. The leaves begin to change and apple orchards and pumpkin patches reopen. There is just so much to love about September, and here are our necessities to make the month even better.


Football season has kicked off and is in full gear! Make sure you’re ready for watch parties and tailgates galore. Need the perfect thing to refresh at all of your football related events? Try our Cold Brew Tea Packets. These cold teas are perfect for any guest looking for a tasty drink.


Late summer and early fall are when sunflowers are in their prime. Make your way to a sunflower field with some friends to get some adorable photos, or head to the store to pick up this bright bouquet for a special someone. Sunflowers are the perfect way to add a little bit of sunshine to your day.


Fall and apples have seemed to become synonymous over the years. Apple picking is one of the best activities autumn has to offer. Cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores also all bust out everything apple flavored. Want an apple-y Tiesta Tea experience? Try Nutty Almond Cream! This blend is often described as “apple pie in a mug” - and who doesn’t want that to cozy up with in the fall?!

Chai Latte:

The go-to of tea lovers at any cafe: the chai latte. Whether you like them hot or iced: the spices and flavors within a chai just scream “fall.” Brew up some Chai Love, add the milk of your choice, and you will be left with the best drink for the incoming season. You can make them dirty, flavored, or straight - no matter what, chai is definitely a fall staple to sip.


Rev up your Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, cause cuddly movie season has arrived! There is nothing like lighting up a candle or fireplace, grabbing your favorite blanket, and turning on a flick full of nostalgia. Want to add to the cozy atmosphere? Brew up with Earl Grey De La Creme, Chai Love, Lemon Ginger Turmeric, Ginger Sweet Peach, or Nutty Almond Cream - our fall tea line houses the perfect warming teas for your movie marathon.

Hiking Boots:

September is not too hot and not too cold - therefore, it’s perfect hiking weather. Get out in nature to bask in the fresh air and take in some gorgeous views. With this month in particular, the leaves are beginning to change colors, so the views are even more breathtaking. A good hike requires some great footwear to get you through the day, so invest in some hiking boots for autumn!


We hope that these "September Necessities" will have you feeling ready for fall! Want to join in on the action? Join us on Instagram and comment what your favorite necessities and Tiesta Tea blends are.

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