Kick Off the Season with Tiesta Tea x Tame the Beast Giveaway Featuring Julie Ertz & Kelley O’Hara

Spring is upon us, and that means the start of soccer season. What could be better than starting the season feeling and looking your best with some soccer star swag? We couldn’t think of anything else. That’s why we are so excited to kick off this incredible collaboration and giveaway with our friends at Beast

At Tiesta Tea, we believe in making tea that tastes good and does good. That means premium quality ingredients that you can see, taste, and smell and giving back to our communities near and far. We want to fuel you for whatever your day has in store for you with the best loose leaf tea around.  

Our friends over at Beast Brands create grooming and personal care products for Beasts of all kinds. Their all-in-one body washes, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, lotions and shaving supplies feature invigorating scents with energizing properties. 

The Tiesta Tea team uses –– and loves –– Beast’s products. Not only that, but we also love their mission, ingredients, and more. That’s why we’re so excited to team up with them for this giveaway.  

You may be wondering, what do Tiesta Tea and Beast have in common? Why are they teaming up? For starters, you might already know that Tiesta Tea is backed by the formidable, talented Julie Ertz of USWNT soccer fame (and a player on our hometown Chicago Red Stars). Julie’s rock star USWNT teammate, Kelley O’Hara, is an investor in Beast. So, we consider our companies a dream team of sorts.  

Why Tiesta Tea x Beast 

Beyond having two strong, badass women as investors, both companies are dedicated to helping all types of bodies live their best life. Tiesta Tea and Beast Brands proudly source high-quality, natural ingredients. Some of the favorite ingredients at both companies include green tea, lavender, eucalyptus, and matcha. Fresh, clean, well-sourced ingredients help our customers look and feel their best, no matter what.  

We’re also both committed to creating a more sustainable way to get our products into your hands. That means more products and less waste. For Beast, that means refillable stainless steel or glass containers and bulk-sized shampoos, conditioners, hand and body soaps, and more. Need an easy way to travel with your personal care items? Beast has you covered there, too, with their travel-size stainless steel bottle. This gets you more products and less waste. 

At Tiesta Tea, our loose leaf tea means you get more tea and less packaging (ahem, waste) since we ditched the single-use tea bags. Our bulk offerings are the perfect way to refill your favorite Tiesta Tea tin or canister of your choosing. Need to brew up your favorite blend? No need to create waste in the process. Some options you can use include our Brewmaster, reusable stainless steel tea ball, Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, and more. Tiesta Tea’s loose leaf tea means more flavor, more tea, less waste. 

Tiesta Tea and Beast Brands want to fuel your body and keep you feeling your best on –– and off –– the field. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the incredible USWNT teammates Julie Ertz and Kelley O’Hara for an unbeatable giveaway (just like our US women’s soccer team!). 

What You’ll Win 

What a better way to kick off the start of soccer season than with a giveaway that helps keep you fueled and fresh whether you’re on or off the field. This dream team giveaway will have five winners. Yep, five. Four winners will get a USWNT signed by one of the players (either Julie Ertz or Kelley O’Hara), along with $100 in Tiesta Tea products and $100 in Beast products, as outlined below.  

One grand-prize winner will receive a USWNT jersey signed by both Julie Ertz and Kelley O’Hara in addition to the $100 of Tiesta Tea products and $100 of Beast products, as outlined below. 

The Goods 

If you’re among the lucky five to win this all-star giveaway, what can you look forward to receiving? Aside from the signed jersey, you’ll get these products sent your way:  

Tiesta Tea Products:              Beast Products: 

Ultimate Live Loose Kit                                    16 oz. Tingle Shampoo Pouch

Summer Fresh Mixer                                        16 oz. Caffeine Conditioner Pouch

Takeya Flash Chill                                            16 oz. Beast Bottle

Brewbasket                                                       Wash for Everyone

Top Tea Sampler                                               8 oz. Green Tea Lotion

Maui Mango Cold Brew Packets                      3 oz. Green Tea Lotion Travel Pouch

                                                                           Beast Candle


ertz o'hara jerseys

tiesta tea and beast products

How to Win 

Now you know how awesome the swag is –– how do you win the goods? Simply follow this link to Gleam Sweepstakes. Then, follow the simple steps outlined there. You’ll get one entry for each item completed, including sharing your email address, visiting Tiesta Tea and Beast on all social platforms, and sharing with friends (psst! Each time a friend uses your referral code, you’ll get a bonus entry!). The more you do, the more chances you have to score this giveaway swag. 


This Tiesta Tea x Tame the Beast giveaway featuring Julie Ertz and Kelley O’Hara kicks off on April 10, 2021, at 12:01 am CST and will last until April 24th at 11:59pm CST. It’s worth noting that only individuals who are at least eighteen years or older and are legal residents of the United States are eligible to enter. A total of five winners will be selected and contacted via email.

Best of luck. We hope you score this dream team giveaway! 

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