Brewing 101

Always Brew Loose!
Brewing Loose Tea Vs. Bagged

When you brew loose, you’re getting all the flavor and health benefits your tea leaves have to offer. When you settle with brewing bagged tea, you’re missing out on the flavor potential of your cup and you are also getting very few health benefits. The health benefits of tea depend on the surface area of those leaves, meaning those big leaves in our teas are going to keep your body in tip top shape. An added bonus - the caffeine content of loose tea is higher than bagged tea!

First you'll need to find an infuser

You’ll need an infuser. What’s an infuser? An infuser is just a fancy word for something that will separate your tea leaves from your brewed tea. Infusers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, with just a bit of ingenuity, an ordinary paper towel can double as a thrifty little loose tea infuser.

Infusers Come In All Shapes & Sizes
Brewing Temperatures & Times

Make sure you’re using the recommended temperature and steep time when brewing your tea. This is the most common mistake when making tea and the results are a very bitter cup.

Brewing Temperatures And Times

Tips For Getting That Right Temp

Tip Brewing At 175º F
Tip Brewing At 195º F
Tip Brewing At 208 F
Brewing In Jus A Few Simple Steps
Steeping Loose Leaf Tea Is Simple
Brewing Loose Leaf Iced Tea
Brewing Iced Tea