Green Tea Starter Kit

Loose Leaf Green Tea Starter Pack

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    LOOSE LEAF TEA TASTES BETTER: three pouches of our fan favorite black teas and best-selling loose leaf tea filters will convert you to a loose leaf tea drinker; full leaves means full flavor that shredded tea in bags can't match
    Starter Kit Includes: Fruity Paradise Sample, Lean Green Machine Sample, Chinese Jasmine Sample, and a Box of Tea Filters
    Slenderizer Blend: Our Slenderizer blends contain green and oolong teas that suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism
Caffeine: Medium

Loose leaf tea is just what it sounds like –– premium, full-leaf loose tea. No confining single-serve bags means you can see, smell, and taste the ingredients and get their full health benefits. It’s that simple. Hand-plucked, whole tea leaves are of higher quality than the tea found in teabags. Teabags are usually filled with dust leftover from broken tea leaves and have lost most of their flavor and health benefits.

Tea leaves need room to expand when steeped to give you the full-bodied flavor. With bagged tea, the shredded leaves don’t have a chance to expand, so you're left with a so-so taste. When you steep premium, loose leaf tea, you get a rich, complex flavor. Trust us; you’ll never look at tea bags the same way. That’s why we say, once you go loose, you’ll never go bagged.


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