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    Teas Included: Cocoa Mint Chill Sample, Ginger Sweet Peach Sample, Lavender Chamomile Sample, Mango Dreamzzz Sample, Nutty Almond Cream Sample, Palm Beach Punch Sample
    Discover New Favorites: Looking for the perfect bedtime tea? Our Relaxer Sampler Flight is here for you! Taste 6 different caffeine free, herbal teas from our Relaxer collection and find your favorite way to unwind.
    WHOLESALE: Case includes 6 Relaxer Dry Flights
    Perfect Gift: With 6 different flavors, our Relaxer Sample Flight makes a great gift for anyone who deserves to put their feet up.
    Relaxer Blend: Our Relaxer blends contain herbal and rooibos teas with natural ingredients that produce relaxing effects for both your body and mind.
Caffeine: None

Unwind and relax with a variety of our Relaxer loose leaf teas. With ingredients like lavender and chamomile, our Relaxer blends are made with the best ingredients to help you leave stress behind and catch up on those zzz's. Sample 7 different caffeine free loose leaf teas from our Relaxer collection and find your favorite.

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